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ITAITA Member Posts: 463
Does anyone know of a WYSIWYG for linux?

Many thanks.

ITA :-)


  • JonathanJonathan Member Posts: 2,914
    : Does anyone know of a WYSIWYG for linux?
    Nothing quite comparable to Dreamweaver, I'm afraid. Mozilla comes with Composer. I haven't used it in a while, but if it's improved in the last several years (very likely) it may now be worth checking out. OpenOffice.Org is also capable of editing HTML documents; that said, so is MS Word. But I'm sure nothing could generate HTML as screwed up as that which Word cranks out! (Having said that, one of the more amusing things I've seen is a box comprimised by the so called "UNIX Security Gaurds", only to find the disgusting page they'd put in place of everyones homepage had been made in MS Word...suckers).

    You may want to check out Quanta, though I'm pretty sure it's not WYSIWYG.

    Alternatively get Wine and run Dreamweaver... ;-)


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  • Brook DavisBrook Davis Member Posts: 5

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