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What is difference b/w dos and windows application

folks i am a new baby in progrmming
plz tell me what is the difference b/w dos and windows applications
tell a few basic differnces.

Thanx in advance


  • JonathanJonathan Posts: 2,914Member
    : folks i am a new baby in progrmming
    : plz tell me what is the difference b/w dos and windows applications
    : tell a few basic differnces.
    Depends how you define "DOS" and "Windows". :-) If you count any console application as a DOS application, the difference is that in a Windows application you use stuff from the Win32 API to create windows, to build up GUI apps.

    If you mean DOS as in can run under MS DOS without Windows, then the app won't use any of the Win32 API calls at all. But there is more to it than that; you can inadvertantly end up using them by virtue of the compiler you use (if you have MS VC++, for example, even if you only do the "hello world" app it will require Windows to be running).


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  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USAPosts: 1,035Member
    DOS applications run in text and lower-resolution video modes. DOS apps gain full control over DOS while running, and then return control to DOS when they exit. Many (about 90%) DOS applications will not work in Windows XP without special software to emulate DOS.

    You're new to coding, so I recomend you pick up Windows coding. DOS has been going out and has actually been dead for some time now. In Windows you can control the screen resolutions, make GUIs, and do a whole variety of tasks in minutes that would take an entire engine to work with in DOS. Windows may seem a bit more confusing at first glance, but it is worth learning since nobody codes DOS apps anymore. Plus you can generally get stuff done faster witht he Windows API. Just stay away from using Visual stuff as your ONLY means of coding. Learn the API and learn to love Wordpad. The Visual apps are great teachers, but suck for end-user apps.


  • cbodapaticbodapati Posts: 65Member

    Technically dos is a single tasking operating system, where as windows is a multi tasking operatimg system.
    in windows many facilities like dynamic linking,device independance,multi tasking,etc. are available and above all it has a GUI
    which is and can be made more user friendly.
    hope it is clear by now.

    have a good time

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