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I have an application where a user wants to communicate from a PC to an embedded device via the serial port. However, I do not want to use any PC custom or purchased GUI. I want to use Internet Explorer (and possibly Netscape). The problems I have run into are the fact that without custom PC code, there is no way to interface directly with the local machine (com port). I also do not have an ethernet connection, only serial. I am not in a position to purchase any drivers or other code. It has to be contained with windows OS. I can however, develop custom code on the embedded side (even if it involves a big embedded project).

So, Here is my proposal, and I need some help determining if this is workable or not. I would use an html form and the "mailto" action to, get this, "email" the data to the embedded device, via the serial port. I think I should be able to set up the PC to use something like POP3 or SMTP and the serial port to transmit the data. On the embedded side, I should be able to emulate whatever is required (modem, mail server, etc). This also must co-exist with whatever mail server the user has already implemented, so there might be some email tricks or special setup required (such as a "special" email address). So the other part of this is how to setup the PC's email.

Any thoughts on this or another approach.


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