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Client - Server Windows Service

kishore_peddikishore_peddi Member Posts: 176

Good day. I want to write a simple "Windows Service" which acts as a "Sever" to my "windows application" which is client. The simple example is, writing the code "Sum of two numbers" in "Windows Service". Now i want to call the function which is in "Windows Service" from the client (windows application). Can you please how to perform the task ?


I have written the "Windows Service". How to call the method in the "Windows Application", i need.
The "Windows Service" name is "MyService",. The function name is "Sum" which is having two parameters & returns a value.

Glad if you could help.

Many ThanX,


  • niravlvyasniravlvyas Member Posts: 2
    HI Kishore,

    Did you get the solution to your problem. Can you please share it with me I am running into same issue

    Your help is appreciated

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