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tiscali adsl and debian (unstable/testing)

KayDeeKayDee Member Posts: 111
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Ok, I've got an Realtek 8139 Ethernet card, a D-Link adsl-300G modem.
I'm currently running Debian (unstable/testing), kernel 2.4.21. pppd version is 2.4.1 and I have the rp-pppoe packages. I've tried to configure my connection several times, both using the rp-pppoe conf. and the pppoe conf but it won't work.

I keep getting a timeout. The debugger says I should set my card to half-duplex. How do I do this, and more importantly why?

My isp is Tiscali (swedish one)...

anyone got any tips?

btw, nothing's wrong with my eth. works perfectly fine in the school network, with a dhcp server and all. So that shouldn't (afaik) be the problem.

Many thanks in advance


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