Web-hosting? domain registration? any experts?

Ok, maybe I just need somebody well versed.

My first question is what makes one domain registrant better than the next? With some out there charging $5/yr there must be a catch, am I missing it?

My bigger questions is on web-hosting. I'm having an incredibly difficult time determining who to go with. I'm currently with iPowerWeb.com and am planning on leaving because they're slow, don't offer the option of Windows servers, and don't offer shell access. Too many restrictions.

My big restriction is flexibility. To give you an idea, I'm currently paying for a single user account at


That's for
-500m storage
-30g xfer
and a whole mess of options (just not all the ones I need).

I'm looking for something to match that on some level but with more options. I'd like at least Linux and Windows servers available. I don't have too many priority options at this point so it's more or less a question of finding a combo that sounds nice to me. I do insist on shell and FTP access.

Ok.. now that I sound like the spoiled brat of web-host clients, does anybody have a favorite or two they'd kindly point me to? I'll gladly provide you as a referral if I do with your choice (and you give me your refID).

Thanks all


  • hi,
    don't go for the domain seller that charge you only $5, go for the provider that give unlimited reseller plan, this will help your business grow really fast....i have a solution with $6.99/domain year,
    but you can resell to your customer at your own price,exam $12.99 and your customer can resell for you again and again....to unlimited level....some company was charging $25 per domain year, so why don't we resell and generate an unlimited income?

    for the hosting solution, i am currently using plesk6 , its easy and fast, (its slow inside the c/panel) but its fast at your real site!!!!
    dont you know $7.99/month can buy unlimited space and bandwidth?

    and i have over 30+ turnkey business solution that can help beginner to become a pro which only big company able to do until now!!!

    if you are interested contact me for those solution at
    cashinnet88 yahoo.com
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