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I need help - new to python

infa28oninfa28on Posts: 2Member
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  • infidelinfidel Posts: 2,900Member
    : Hi, I am taking a computer programming course and it requires us to use python. I have an assignment to write four programs - the first two I have completed however I am having trouble with the last two.
    : SAMPLE OUTPUT (including author/program information)
    : Program author: Barney Rubble
    : ID#: 1234567
    : Password? unicorn
    : Password? opus
    : Password? hello
    : Welcome to the second half of the program!
    : What is your name? Barney
    : What a great name!
    : What is your name? Cher
    : May I have your autograph, please?
    : What is your name? Bill
    : Bill, that's a nice name
    : how do I loop - I can seem to find the info

    Have you ever programmed in a different language or are you completely new?

    Here are some links to the "official" python tutorial:

    "while" loops: http://www.python.org/doc/current/tut/node5.html#SECTION005200000000000000000

    "if" statements and "for" loops:

    Let me know if those don't help or if you're completely lost


  • infa28oninfa28on Posts: 2Member
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  • infidelinfidel Posts: 2,900Member
    : I have done some programming in visual basic ..a few years ago so it is a little foggy. I tried the Do / while bit but that didn't work.
    : After reading the post that you gave, I am still a bit lost. If I want to loop until the password for my program is correct - which loop do I use and how?
    : Sorry for sending you two messages.

    python doesn't have a do/while loop, just a while loop:

    logged_in = False
    attempts = 0
    while not logged_in and attempts < 3:
    entered_value = raw_input('Password: ')
    if entered_value = ???:
    logged_in = True
    print 'Invalid password.'
    attempts += 1

    if logged_in:
    print 'Logged in!'
    print 'Access denied!'

    Note that for this trivial example the password is hardcoded where the ??? is. Do not ever do this in real life.


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