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Obtain a Degree from Position

Im building a Graphic 2D library now(I want to upload it but I dont now where). Do you know how to get degree from position?


The angle are?


  • XLoomXLoom Posts: 129Member

    The way to get the angle from position is very simple.

    // the first position
    float x1,y1;
    // the target position
    float x2,y2;
    // vector from positions
    float vx,vy;
    // the angle in radians
    float angle;


    // This will give you right angle in radians.
    // Normally you would have to check whether the vx is not 0, but
    // double atan2(double y,float x) function
    // (dont forget to #include )
    // can manage it and it will also give you proper -PI to PI value
    // unlike atan

    // if you want to convert the radians into degrees you can do this
    #define PI 3.14159265358979323846

    float degrees;


    // or degrees into radians

    I hope this helps. (And I also hope here are no accidental mistakes, because I have been doing really ugly math in university for all day, and my brain is somewhat exhausted :)


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