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Palette Change

alberto_togliaalberto_toglia Posts: 1Member
When I load a PCX file in Pascal, it changes all the other palettes of my game. What im trying to do , is to make a main menu in my game that has pcx images in it. I have tried many ways but im starting to feel that its imposible. Is it any way to have my both palettes (pcx file colors and svga pascals 256 colors) work together normaly? I need the answer urgently THANKS.


  • blipblip Posts: 756Member
    Maybe you could go through the decompressed pixel values and the palette of the PCX and match up the pixel colors as best as possible using your palette. It won't come out perfect nor be super fast, but it should come out.


    ... 04 C3 03 ...


    ... 04 03 03 03 ...
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | +--+--+
    | |
    | |
    | $3F3F3E -> $3F3F3F -> the correct palette index (screen pixel value)
    +-$212324 -> $222222 -> the correct palette index (screen pixel value)

    ... ...

    / /
    || ||
    PCX palette Your palette (finding the closest values to the PCX's)

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