Hi everyone,

I wrote a small lib using C (MSVC 1.52). I need to use that lib in a Basic (written in QB 4.5) app.

I tried to load qb with
QB /L myLib

...but QB says that the format of the .lib file is incorrect.

After a few test I understood that I needed a .QLB file to use during editing/debugging.

So, I have .OBJ and .LIB files and would like to create .QLB files. I read on an old post that this is possible using the LIB.EXE tool...but it didn't tell how !!!

Could anyone help?
Thanks a LOT !!!

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  • You may use LINK.EXE to generate a QLB. Check for the existance of the following files in your QBASIC directory:


    This is the how-to (blue is what you type, red are the answers):


    [red]Microsoft(R) Segmented-Executable Linker Version 5.10
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1990. All rights reserved.

    Object Modules [.OBJ]:[/red][blue]/QU MyLib.OBJ + [/blue]
    [red]Object Modules [.OBJ]:[/red][blue]LIBQBXQLB.LIB[/blue]
    [red]Run File [MyLib.qlb]:[/red][blue](Enter)[/blue]
    [red]List File [NUL.MAP]:[/red][blue](Enter)[/blue]
    [red]Libraries [.LIB]:[/red][blue](Enter)[/blue]
    [red]Definitions File [NUL.DEF]:[/red][blue](Enter)[/blue]
    [red]LINK : warning L4045: name of output file is 'cal.qlb'
    LINK : warning L4051: bcl71efr.lib : cannot find library
    Enter new file spec:[/red][blue]LIBBCL71EFR.LIB[/blue]


    In QB 4.5 there will be some differences, and some lines of the LINK above wont appear, but it is not a problem. The libraries location may be dirrerent. Remember that in QB 4.5 the second library name is BQLB45.LIB, and not LIBQBXQLB.LIB

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