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How can I get events triggered by MSN?(MSN SDK problem)

waterwalkwaterwalk Member Posts: 6
I am exploring the MSN SDK(including msgrprid.h, msgrpriv.h, msgrguid.lib, msgruaid.h and msgrua.h). Now i've known how to pop a msn instant window that is used to talk with buddies. I want to add more features to my program. We know that when a friend get online, or we receive an instant message, msn messenger will inform you with a popup window at the right-bottom side or play some sound. What i want to do is to make my program "know" it when my friend gets online or a new msg arrives. That is, my program can inform me that "your friend is online", or "a new msg arrives". But till now, i still don't know how to implement this kind of functions by using the MSN SDK. So i want some help. Could you give some suggestions?
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