Initializing global variables

Hi all!

I've got a class called Initializer that I use the initialize global variables. It has properties that allow other classes to retrieve these variables.

Here's my problem: I must create an instance of this class to initialize everything. I suppose the best place to do that would be in the very first form that loads, mine's called "MainMenu()". Thing is, as I transfer control to other forms, I dispose of those I don't need anymore so I don't waste resources. Does my instance of Initializer() get destroyed when I dispose of the form that created it?

How do you initialize global variables, and how do you access them? I tried just making a variable Public, thinking that all classes everywhere could access it, but other classes don't seem to recognize it. And I don't see anything like main() or winmain() in a windows forms application, so I have no idea where to stick these variables.

Yeah, I am new to VB.NET, but please help!! Thanks a bundle. If you help me now, I promise to give you a million dollars when I am a multi billionnaire like Bill Gates.



  • Hi,
    I am not able to correctly identify your problem. But I had understood it correctly, then this should solve it.

    Whenever u say Global variables, I hope u mean the ones that u declare inside a Module, as any variable declared in the module is accessible by any form and class from anywhere.

    If u want an instance of a class (for eg., initialiser) accessible from all parts of the program, BETTER DECLARE IT IN THE MODULE.
    (Right click on your solution-->Add Module--> Mymodule.vb).


    dim obj as new Initialiser()
    obj.(some method..)


  • Thanks for your reply, Karthik.

    I am new to VB.NET so sometimes the terminology stumps me. This is what I really want to do:

    I have a turn-based game where you manage a team of mercenaries and send them to battle. At different times in the game, you will want to hire a new mercenary. At that point in time, it generates a new merc with random statistics, and gives him/her a random name.

    I have 3 text files with names in them - one name on each line. They contain male names, female names and last names. (I will add Karthik to the file because it's a cool name I don't have there yet). Each time I need to create a name for a new merc, I generate a random number which is somewhere between the first and the last record in my name file, and then using a FOR-NEXT loop, cycle through my name file to retrieve the name I randomly selected.

    The problem is, I don't know how long my name files are at the start of the program. I add names to them all the time. So I have a loop which finds that out for me, and stores the result in a variable. To optimize my program, I want to be able to do this loop in the beginning and not have to repeat it every time I want a new merc. The number of names in the name files will not change during runtime.

    So I want a variable of type SHORT to hold the number of names in my name files, and that variable to be accessible from any part of my program.

    I have to read up about what modules are, but as far as I can tell, my whole program is composed of only forms and classes. So I want to know where I should initialize this, because I don't see a main() function or anything where the program starts. I have a book on VB.NET and I am reading it every day, but your help is really appreciated. You can't ask a book a question. Thanks!


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