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on delete cascade?

FidelieFidelie Member Posts: 32
can someone tell mi wat is wrong with this?
I type:
create table projects(proj_id INTEGER NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,proj_name varchar(30)unique)TYPE=InnoDB;

mysql> create table subprojects(sproj_id INTEGER NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,proj_id INTEGER NOT NULL REFERENCES projects.proj_id ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE CASCADE,sproj_code varchar(7) unique) TYPE=InnoDB;

mysql> insert into projects(proj_name) values('fideli');

mysql> insert into subprojects(proj_id,sproj_code) values(1,'AGAL');

mysql> delete projects.* from projects where proj_id=1;

this removes the column in projects..
but the column referenced to in the subprojects-table is still there
Shouldnt it be gone?
wat is wrong?



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