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Noise function in vertex programs.

Vorsin S.V.Vorsin S.V. Member Posts: 25
I am working on water effects and looking for a good wave (or noise) equatation of 3D waves that possible to convert into vertex programs of GL.
So, I'll be very obliged for helping me,


  • CroWCroW Member Posts: 348
    hmm,i dont know enough bout noise-function to help you,but you could use the sin/cosine functions to simulate waves.something like

    z = A*sin(x*t+a) + B*cos(y*t+b)

    could do the job,you just calculate the z to each (x,y) and increase t every frame or get t from a timer.slightly modifiy A and B increases realism,you could also add mutliple sin/cos functions with different coefficients.
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