Newbie DCOM question..

OK, I'm very new to the whole COM/DCOM thing and as an experiment I'm trying to do the following:

-I have an ActiveX DLL which has one public method. It works fine on the development machine. But I want to set this up as a DCOM component, i.e, when it's called from machine A it will actually be run on machine B (that's what DCOM is about, right?)
But I can't get it to work. I've registered the .dll and also the .vbr file, but when i run dcomcnfg, there's no sign of the dll.

I can get itto show up if I create it as an ActiveX .exe, but then I get even more problems like permission denied and so on, which I suppose is another problem enitrely.. I figured I'd simplify things a bit with a .dll, or am i totally barking up the wrong treee here?

Many thanks in advance (and forgive me if the question seems a bit naieve but I have a real headache from reading pretty much every article in the MSDN about DCOM. They tell me all sorts of crazy stuff except what I need to know - which is to be expected I suppose)
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