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Get parent handle ??

nmgnmg Posts: 4Member
I created an app that use a CSplitterWnd to make 2 pane of class CListView. One of thst pane is set as parent of a modeless dialog box that pop up in some particular conditions.

Inside this modeless dialog box I need to know parent window handle for manipulating list view parent window associated according user choices.

Here is my code:

void CDlgLstAd::OnItemchangedLisact(NMHDR* pNMHDR, LRESULT* pResult)
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
if((pNMListView->uNewState & LVIS_SELECTED) == LVIS_SELECTED)

// get associated data
long lParam = (long)pNMListView->lParam;

// get parent window
CListView* pCtrView = (CListView*)GetParent();

// get list ctrl associated
CListCtrl& list = pCtrView->GetListCtrl();

// find item and select it
lvf.flags = LVFI_PARAM;
lvf.lParam = lParam;

int idx = list.FindItem(&lvf, -1);
list.EnsureVisible(idx, FALSE);


*pResult = 0;

But this code not work.The parent window do not respond. What's wrong ?
Thanks in advance.


  • BriballBriball Posts: 265Member
    When you create your modeless dialog, do you pass the list view as the parent? The default is NULL. You have to put:

    CDialog *pDlg = new CDialog;
    pDlg->Create(IDD_DIALOG, this);
    //bla bla bla...

    If it still doesn't work you could just make a public variable in the dialog class called m_pParent which points to the list view. Manually set it when the list view is created.
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