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problems during oracle installation please help

archuarchu Member Posts: 21

I have already installed oracle in my system , personal edition, when i tried to create a DSN in it it stated that netwoking componenets are not installed properly. So i installed oracle from a CD that my friend gave and during the process of installation, an error message came ststing "An error has occured and asked me to close the program" and i closed it and finally in my system there is nothing in the name of oracle :-( i lost even the capability to create a table.Since he needed that CD i tried to copy the contents and install later, but it said that the ORACLE080 cannot be copied.. i finally deceided to download Oracle from the internet , from this site and it asked me to download 2 zip files for oracle 9i and here also during the process of download it said that this file cannot be downloaded and asked me to exit the application.. i dont know wat to do now..iam now in a project using JSP and SQL integration.. a real time iam in terrible need to instal Oracle. please help me in this regard.

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