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Is anyone familiar with functions in pseudo codes or C - - ?

math01math01 Posts: 10Member
I have recently started programming in C - - using the BACI compiler. I have come across a program which is giving me a hard time with the functions.

1. A caterer provides cakes and muffins to a number of bakeries 2. When an order for cakes is received this order may be despatced with a similar order for cakes from another bakery 3. Similarly when an order for muffins is received this order may be despatced with a similar order for muffins from another bakery 4. If a batch (cakes or muffins) is being made, an order for the other food must wait 5. There are three odd-numbered bakeries who order bakes: c(1), c(3), c(5) 6. There are four even-numbered bakeries who order muffins m(2), m(4), m(6), m(8)
7. Food orders arrive in random order at the caterer: c(1), m(4), m(2), c(3) etc 8. An order is added to the food batch if it does not exceed the food batch size.
Maximum batch for cakes = 3
Maximum batch for muffins = 4
9. If there is a mixed set of orders,cakes and muffins, priority is given to cakes 10. A waiting order has the same priority as other orders of the same food type. 11. Selection of a waiting order from a bakery is on a random basis.

My code so far

int cakes_in = 0;
int cakes_out = 0;
int muffins_in = 0;
int muffins_out =0;

const int Max_Numb_Cakes = 3;
const int Max_Numb_Muffins = 4;

semaphore mutex;
semaphore cakes;
semaphore muffins;

int order_and_make_cakes()


int order_make_muffins()


int change_order_status()


cobegin {cout << "orders are complete" << endl; }

I would very much like to write the functions to make the program run.If you have time please provide any input you might have. I am not an experienced programmer so if you could provide any comment with the functions i would greatly appreciate it.Thank you.
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