Lets make an educational game

Hi everyone!

Were a couple of amateur programmers wanting to make an educational computer game. C++ or C is the language of our choice. Its supposed to be civ-alphacentauri-tropico style kind of game with immense political/historical/tactical/strategic depth. Why not get educated and learn how the world works, while you have fun playing a game? If you think you can contribute, please email [email protected]


  • Tomorrow FRIDAY 16 March at 2000 GMT (central europe 2100) were planning to discuss details about programming "the unique game" for an hour or so. At least two persons will show up, me and Phil.

    For those that dont know what "the unique game" is, here is a brief intro: We (me and Phil, two amateur game programmers) believe that the world is tired of violence fixated games, where the goal of the game is kill kill kill, crush crush crush and destroy, destroy, destroy. We want to put in time and effort in developing a new game which will introduce the user how the world of politics, how diplomacy, intelligence organisations and real war looks like. What real corporate capitalism is, and how they interfere with governmental politics on a daily basis and get their way. The design and programming of the game will be hard but in the end, it will be rewarding, im sure. C++ will be the prog.language and OpenGL -we think- will be the way to go. Were not sure whether or not to concentrate on Unix or Win.

    Would you like to contribute? Do you like this idea? Youre more than welcome to write me an email [email protected] or join the mircmeeting. We look for as many people as possible that can help out. For those moneyhungry people, i can only say that there is practically nothing in this project. But there is plenty of fun out there instead! Who knows, perhaps one day it will be profitable but we start this project on a hobbybasis :)

    As i said, meeting takes place at 2100 CET 2000 GMT on mirc. The servername is irc.fragzone.se and channelname is #dehnavi. If you dont know what mIRC is, then go download the chatprogram (2mb) at www.mirc.com. Also, if you need a 2 minute tutorial on how to join the channel the meeting will take place on, go to www.geocities.com/howtojoinmirc.

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