to set up a web server

I need to know the steps from start to finish of creating a web server
i know what it does in terms of communication but i have never endeavoured to set up one. so i need help.


  • are you going to set up your own hosting company? don't waste money on that idea, if you dont have such knowledge about it!
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  • what kind of web server? what will it be used for?
    You can set up a good server using linux running apache. and if you want to have a database running, you could use mySQL and use cgi perl or php to interface it with webpages. the best part of that setup is that all the programs are free. it took me less than a month to learn how to set it all up (it was all new to me at the time).
    you have to set up linux (when installing it, dont install the perl language, but do install the c++ compiler, you need c++)
    after setting up linux, install perl,
    then apache with modPerl,
    then mySQL.

    after you setup linux the apache, perl, and mySQL sites are very helpfull with the rest of the setup, they gives step by step instuctions in setting up these services.
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