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need help with authentication (login/logout) in JSP?

wackedwacked Member Posts: 1
i'm currently trying to design a course enrolment for univesity students. i wish to create a login page which once a correct password and username is provided, will show the logged in student's currently selected courses as well as the possibility of selecting other courses. also, once this student has/hasn't updated his/her courses, a prompt before logout saying "pls submit if not submitted". im thinking of using JSP, Javabeans & javascript(for validation) for this project. if anyone can provide with some pointers to where i should start or some code, i would be greatly appreciative. i thank yo in advance for you kind support n co-operation. happy easter!!


  • treshrtreshr Member Posts: 326
    You can make use of Realms. You have different kinds of Realms.
    etc etc.


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