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I wonder how to make a forum like this:

My brain doesnt find the way to list the messages in
all the different treads... how does i use loops to make it
like i want it?

anyone who can give me a hint? or send me a source-code to a forum like that?

[email protected]


  • hey mate, I saw your message about setting up a forum and i fort i would email you. I would ahve thought that you would need to set up soem form of a database that holds the threads etc and then all you would need to do is display all the details inside the database using jsp and then display it in a html format. I will look into it for you and try and get you some code asap. Is that all cool? Please email me back so that I know you still want this looking into. Cheers mate. Paul

    ps. whats your email address, cos i need to send you some code, i previously tried using [email protected] but it failed to work. Cheers mate
  • btw, my email address is [email protected]

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