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vishraovishrao Member Posts: 1
I have a situation wherein I am displaying an Image in FORMS. I have a container defined with the following functional properties :-

Activation Style -- FOCUS-IN
In-Place Activation -- NO
Inside-Out Support -- NO
Tenant Type -- EMBEDDED
Show Tenant Type -- YES
Tenant Aspect -- CONTENT

The defined Container is big enough to hold the image but I can't constrain the Image within the Container.

The problems is the Image [displayed thru a third party software] can be easily moved around which is what I DO NOT WANT. How do I ensure that the Image stays put in the Container? I have tried every combination there is under the sun but nothing seems to work. I am populating the Container thru a INITIALIZE_CONTAINER and the objective here is to just display the IMAGE with Multiple Pages and NO EDITS on it.

Would really like to hear suggestions or perhaps a solution.

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