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8086 Stopwatch program

I need this sample program/codes for reference on how to get started. Let me know if u can help. Be it a running source code or any website link of relevant info. thxs!


  • little_coderlittle_coder Posts: 29Member
    Hope this helps:


    ; This sample shows the
    ; use of a timer function
    ; (INT 15h / 86h)
    ; This code prints some chars
    ; with 1 second delay.

    #make_COM# ; required for MicroAsm.

    ORG 100h

    ; set the segment register,
    ; just in case:
    MOV AX, CS
    MOV DS, AX


    CMP count, 0
    JZ stop

    ; print char:
    MOV AL, c1
    MOV AH, 0Eh
    INT 10h

    ; next ascii char:
    INC c1
    DEC count

    ; set interval (1 million
    ; microseconds - 1 second):
    MOV CX, 0Fh
    MOV DX, 4240h
    MOV AH, 86h
    INT 15h

    ; stop any error:
    JC stop

    JMP next_char


    count DB 10
    c1 DB 'A'



    Tested and compiled under MicroAsm:
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