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VB 6-->Oracle 8i database Problem

nachiket2k2nachiket2k2 Member Posts: 70
i am using data form wizard to create the data form for my oracle 8i personal edition database.

the below are the steps of that, how i am doing.

In VB6,
1. from Add-in -> VB 6 data form wizard
2. step by step i am giving the following details
i have made a DSN myORA from Oracle ODBC Driver.

RECORDSOURCE=dept (with all columns)

The form gets build successfully.
It runs successfully,shows existing records correctly,
BUT avoids new insertion,updation.
for ADD NEW button i am writing folliwing code.

where, rs is recordset
for UPDATE button i am writing following code.


where rs is recordset.
when i press update button it shows the following ERROR :-

Method 'Update' of object '_Recordset' failed

i have tried 'Update', 'UpdateBatch' but vain.

Please help me................
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