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Redefining ASCII Characters

mohsinalimohsinali Member Posts: 85
its my first time on this board and I have a problem that is not sloved yet. That is I have heared and seen that ASCII characters can be reshaped as they are bitmaps with dimensions 8x16. Can any one Help me out?


  • blipblip Member Posts: 756
    I wrote two programs that changed the DOS font to two codes. In a Windows DOS box, they show as if they're the same, but it changes when you go full screen. Have fun!

    HelpPC 2.1:
    AH = 11h

    AL = 00 user character load
    BH = number of bytes per character
    BL = table in character generator RAM
    CX = count of characters in table
    DX = ASCII code of first character defined
    ES:BP = pointer to user table
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