Need Graphics

I have an old DOS Borland 5 compiler that I run as a tool using TextPad, a text editor(obviously). All things I program are simply text based and run only in the DOS prompt window. (For reference, I have XP) I'm wondering how I can implement and manipulate graphics in my programs. I've searched for tutorials but I only find more advanced stuff, nothing on very base graphics. Essentially what I want to be able to do is load image files (.bmp, .jpeg, .gif, etc) onto the screen and then move them around on the screen. Nothing fancy, very base. I'd appreciate anything like API functions I can use, or DirectX instructions. Keep in mind I have a very old, cheap compiler (cause It's free and I'm cheap and It's what my AP teacher gave us) so I probably can't do any tricks advanced compilers might have. All my work has to be in the code. Thanx
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