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Modem commands

I would like information on how to control a modem, i.e. pick-up, check for dial tone, dial, hang-up, etc. Also, how would I go about sending information across such a connection? I ran across a bit of code for swapping memory addresses for com1-2 and com3-4 so that you can use com3-4, but lost it later on. Does anyone know how to do this?


  • I'll tell you a few commands and give you an example program,

    ATZ Reset Modem

    ATA(#) Answer Phone after # rings ie ATA4

    ATDT555-5555 Replace 555-5555 with number to dial

    ATH Hangup Modem

    ATL(1-5) +maybe someone can clarify on these

    ATM(1-5) +I'm sure they change modem spkr vol.

    There are some common modem calls, but there are hundreds more,

    Let's use this as an example

    open "COM2:19200,n,8,1" FOR RANDOM AS #1, 2048;Buffer

    PRINT #1, "ATZ"

    PRINT #1, "ATDT555-5555"

    ;Insert a loop to check the modem and keyboard either way and send to opposite ie

    modem - monitor

    keyboard - monitor - modem

    hope this helps you can also check out

    Neozones Productions

    Look under Qcity/modem

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