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I am currntly in a study,
to start with,I have this projectin connection with how Windows identify file types and consequently, how it opens files. To have a firm grasp of the project,I need to know the current file identification mechanism of Windows in technical details. Meaning,i have to know it thoroughly. Can anybody help me with this? Can you refer me to a website that would provide such information...?

Thanks for the time..



  • sir,
    this could help u some i guess for u r question.
    Windows identifies files from it's extension as it does in dos.
    but as per the openning of file is concerned it is related to click event activated by windows with which it locates the file and it's type and try to open the same file with corresponding program registered with it.
    All registered programmes can be viewd in the system tho, windows explorer. Any file openning is related to the launch of explorer that identifies file, and the open with respective applicatio. However if the file type is unknown it prompts user for the application program that can open it.

    This is little info that i am providing with. This is explained by my professor.

  • windows uses a database named "windows registry", where it stores different kinds of information including info about file types(extension) associations.
    u can view the registry content by running "regedit" in windows command prompt( WARNING: be careful while working with registry, any misuse may crash your system! )
    after running regedit,expand "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT": you see different extensions, for example you may find ".bmp" entry and see that it is associated with photoshop.

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