Games Programmer Available

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I am a Computer Consultant with experience in a wide variety of game development projects including Playstation2, DirectX, Macintosh and Java. I have worked on several published titles. I have also helped several game development companies by developing APIs, functions, tools to ease the burden on their in house staff. I have done conversions from one game platform to others.

C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, Windows, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), DirectX, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation2, Macintosh Real Basic, Macintosh C++, Macintosh PowerPlant, Macintosh AppMaker, Embedded Control, MS-DOS, PIC asm, 8086 asm, 68000 asm, R3000 asm, Z80 asm, 8051 asm, Transputer, SPARC asm, SunPlus, Data Translation, TCP/IP Sockets, RS-232, TTL and CMOS digital electronics.

Please contact [email protected]

Direct paying projects only.

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