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please can any one help me

raniarania Member Posts: 35
i develop a program that read binary files(e.g. wav file or mp3) then present the out in a dialog box
and first i make a variable outca.
in each of them i put the bytes readed from the file
char outca[10000000];
but it doesn not read all the bytes of a file(that is wanted)
i think if it is a pointer it will work but it does not by compiling it makes error
here is my source code:



  • chick80chick80 Member Posts: 349
    : char *outca;
    : extern char *outca;
    : outca=new char(fd.size);

    Why do you first declare char *outca and then redeclare it as extern???

    Anyhow the error is that you have to use [fd.size] not (fd.size)

    char *outca = new char[fd.size];


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  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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