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Adding numbers,can somebody help?

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I'm new at this,so bear with me.......
Add the contents of memory location $0100 to memory location $0110 and store results in memory location $0150.
Continue this pattern by adding all the contents of memory location $0101 to the contents of memory location $0111 and store the results in memory location $0151
table 1....from $0100 to $010f
table 2....from $0110 to $011f
table 3....from $0150 to $015f
how do I get started???? HELP

* this program adds two tables
* and stores the result in a third table

*********table #1************************
org $0100
fcb $06,$0f,$06,$20,$2f,$00
fcb $2f,$61,$3e,$4f,$91,$9f
fcb $c0,$84,$70,$e1

*********table #2************************
org $0110
fcb $fa,$01,$1a,$10,$11,$50
fcb $31,$0f,$42,$41,$0f,$11
fcb $00,$4c,$70,$0f

*********Main program********************
org $0000
ldx #$0100
addmore ldaa $00,x
adda $10,x
staa $50,x
cpx #$0110
bcs addmore
can somebody check this out and let me know if its done right; can you help?


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