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Help With Arrays...

td00td00 Member Posts: 4
Hello all,

Im new to the C programming circuit. I was wondering if anybody could help me create 3 arrays.

1) Asks a user for an integer input (between 0 & 214783647) and converts it and prints to the screen the binary number.

2) Asks a user for two valid integers (n1 and n2) between 0 and 9 inclusive such that n1<n2. The array then calculates (display's) the first 10 terms of the resulting sequence as well as the 30th term. Each term (starting from the 3rd term) of the sequence is calculated by adding the sum of the previous 2 terms.

3) An HTML colour converter. Essentially a user enters an integer between 0 and 16777215 inclusive, and it then displays the hexadecimal triplet conversion.

One more thing, I'm only asking this HUGE favour because I'm on reading week (yes I'm a comp-sci student) and I'm trying to teach myself arrays as this is the next lesson covered. So if you could use comments explaining what your doing it would be very helpful. Thanks guys.


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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