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Hex with Delphi

DebianDebian Member Posts: 9
Could anyone tell me how to covert Hex to String ?


  • zibadianzibadian Member Posts: 6,349
    : Could anyone tell me how to covert Hex to String ?
    : Thanks
    Here is an untested function to convert a Hex to integer, then you can use IntToStr.
    function HexToInt(Hex: string): integer;
    Result := 0;
    if Length(Hex) > 8 then
    raise EConvertError.CreateFmt('%s is to large to convert!', [Hex]);
    while Hex <> '' do begin
    if Pos(Hex[1], HexValues) > 0 then
    Result := Result * 16 + Pos(Hex[1], HexValues) - 1
    // Multiply current Result with 16 and add next hex-digit
    raise EConvertError.CreateFmt('%s is not a hex-digit!', [Hex[1]]);
    Delete(Hex, 1, 1); // Remove processed digit
    I hope this is what you meant by converting hex to string.
  • ManningManning Member Posts: 1,621
    : Could anyone tell me how to covert Hex to String ?

    What exactly do you mean by converting hex to string? Since a hexadecimal number may contain the letters A through F, it already is a string.
  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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