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loading bitmaps

Can anyone help me to load graphics into C++, im using MS VC++ 6. I was thinking of making a game like noughts and crosses but dont know how to load in the playing board. Ive looked through the help file but dont understand it. All I want to do is load a bitmap into a win32 application. Thanx in advance for any help, it would be greatly appreaciated.


  • MarsJanMarsJan Member Posts: 6
    Do you want to load bitmap on DirectDraw surface???
    If you do, you`ll need more information about it.

    To load bitmap just to window try this

    HBITMAP bm;

    bm = LoadImage or LoadBitmap
    LoadImage with parameter LRLOADFROMFILE (or something like that)
    you`ll find info about this function in help (C++ Builder is the best)

    use device context HDC
    HDC dc;

    dc = GetDC();

    there are some functions to draw like
    MoveTo(x, y)
    LineTo(x, y)

    there is also Draw (i hope)
    Yse it to draw graphic

    Take care!
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