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streaming audio data through the LAN

Hi !
I have to transmit high quality sound data over the 100 Mbps LAN, so that up to 32 participants can communicate each other. In fact, this will be used during a UT or UT2003 game play.
The 3D positionning will be taken into account, but that's not the problem...
I tried DirectPlay Voice, but the quality was not good enough and there was too much latency...
I can record and playback sound with DirectSound, so the only problem is to stream the audio data with very very very low latency...

Now, I'm looking into the H.323 protocol. Is it appropriate for the task ? Did anyone use it before ?
Does anyone know something else to stream efficiently ?

By the way, what is the maximum bandwidth it should require so that the gameplay is still playable ?

Any advice or remark will be useful
Thanks in advance...


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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