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Show file time and Size

edspitedspit Posts: 12Member
How would I modify this program to display each file's time and size:

title Date Stamp Program (DAT.ASM)

; This program displays the name and date stamp for
; each file matching a file specification entered
; on the DOS command line. Uses macros and a
; structure.

.model small
.stack 100h
EOLN EQU <0dh,0ah>

FileControlBlock struc
db 22 dup(?) ; header info - not used
fileTime dw ? ; time stamp of file
fileDate dw ? ; date stamp of file
fileSize dd ? ; size of file: not used
fileName db 13 dup(0) ; name of file found by DOS

mWriteint macro value, radix:=<10>
push ax
push bx
mov ax,value
mov bx,radix
call Writeint
pop bx
pop ax

mWritestring macro aString
push dx
mov dx,offset aString
call Writestring
pop dx
filespec db 40 dup(0) ; DOS command line
heading db "Date Stamp Program (DAT.EXE)"
helpMsg db "The correct syntax is: "
db "DAT [d:][path]filename[.ext]",EOLN,0
DTA FileControlBlock <>
extrn DOS_error:proc, Get_Commandtail:proc,
Str_length:proc, Writeint:proc, Writestring:proc,

main proc
mov bx,ds
mov ax,@data ; initialize DS, ES
mov ds,ax
mov es,ax
mov dx,offset filespec ; get filespec from
call Get_Commandtail ; the command line
jc A2 ; quit if none found
mWritestring heading
call findFirst ; find first matching file
jc A3 ; quit if none found

A1: call decodeDate ; separate the date stamp
call display_filename
mov ah,4Fh ; find next matching file
int 21h
jnc A1 ; continue searching
jmp A3 ; until no more matches

A2: mWritestring helpMsg ; display help

A3: mov ax,4C00h ; exit program
int 21h
main endp

; Find first file that matches the file
; specification entered on command line.

findFirst proc
mov ah,1Ah ; set transfer address
mov dx,offset DTA
int 21h
mov ah,4Eh ; find first matching file
mov cx,0 ; normal attributes only
mov dx,offset filespec
int 21h
jnc B1 ; if DOS error occurred,
call DOS_error ; display a message
B1: ret
findFirst endp

; Translate the encoded bit format of a file's
; date stamp.

month dw ? ; temporary storage for
day dw ? ; month, day, year
year dw ?
decodeDate proc
mov bx,offset DTA.fileDate
mov dx,[bx] ; get the day
mov ax,dx
and ax,001Fh ; clear bits 5-15
mov day,ax
mov ax,dx ; get the month
shr ax,5 ; shift right 5 bits
and ax,000Fh ; clear bits 4-15
mov month,ax
mov ax,dx ; get the year
shr ax,9 ; shift right 9 bits
add ax,80 ; year is relative to 1980
mov year,ax
decodeDate endp

; Write both filename and date stamp to console.

display_filename proc
mWritestring DTA.fileName
call fill_with_spaces
mWriteint month
call write_dash ; display a "-"
mWriteint day
call write_dash ; display a "-"
mWriteint year
call Crlf
display_filename endp

; Pad right side of the filename with spaces.

fill_with_spaces proc
mov cx,15 ; max file size plus 3 spaces
mov di,offset DTA.fileName ; get length
call Str_length ; AX = length of filename
sub cx,ax
mov ah,2 ; display character
mov dl,20h ; space
E1: int 21h ; write spaces
loop E1 ; until CX = 0
fill_with_spaces endp

write_dash proc ; write a hyphen
push ax
push dx
mov ah,2
mov dl,'-'
int 21h
pop dx
pop ax
write_dash endp
end main

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