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Help - Newbie To Assembler

StarburnStarburn Posts: 17Member
I need some help with this short program Ive been messing with, basically Ive just been getting into programming in assembler rather than high-level over the past week or so, and Im just having some trouble with this procedure:

procedure SetScr(Attrs : byte); assembler;
{Somehow place Attrs instead of $1F?}
push es {Ive been told es needs to be preserved}
{Place attrs in 8bit register - ?}
mov ax, $B800 {Start of scr memory}
mov es, ax {Place in segment register}
mov cx, 2000d {Number of times to loop}
mov bx, 1d {Set to 1 (Attribs's not chars)}
@@1: {Label}
mov byte ptr es:[bx],$1F {moves $1F into es:bx ($B800:I)}
add bx,2 {Inc bx by 2}
loop @@1 {Dec cx, go to @@1}
pop es {Place value from top of stack back into es}

As you can see from the comments, I need to place Attr into an 8bit register and then use it instead of $1F.
Although I cant seem to figure out how to do this? (What register to use).

Thanks for any help

(btw Im using Pascals built in assembler .. I know :/ - I have to for A-Level)


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