Help with Adding Records to Linked Tables from a Form

I have two tables linked individually to a parent table and a form with embedded subforms. Cascade updates/deletes is on. When I add a record on the form, referencing fields in the parent table, it is not adding the new record to the two linked tables. In an attempt to fix this, I added a control button, using the wizard, which saves the record - but this also fails to add the record to the two linked tables - it only saves it in the parent table.

I want to be able to add a record using the form and have that record also be added to the linked tables so I can move freely through the other parts of the form (which update fields in the linked tables) without getting error messages. I thought that was what "cascade updates" was all about (!) - but it doesn't behave the way I anticipated. Please help - I'm not a VB programmer, so please help me with adding any code (I know how to get to the code though).
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