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Synchronizing VB Timer with system time


I'm making a countdown timer, and as you know, the VB timer control doesn't keep accurate time (in seconds). Is there anyway to get the timer in sync with the PC's system time?

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  • I can't remember now but there are several API functions that deal with time. So if you're familiar with this use this.

  • If the time count down value sought is a known value (say, 5 seconds), it would seem to me that you could project from the then current System Time(ST), the value of a future System Time (VFST) desired, then have the Timer check: If VFST >= ST then .

  • Just pass the number of seconds you want to delay. Anything greater than 60 will require a check against the minutes. I can expand it to check the minutes if you are interested.

    Sub SecondsDelay(ByVal NumSeconds As Integer)

    StartTime = CInt(Format(Now, "s"))

    Do Until CInt(Format(Now, "s")) = StartTime + NumSeconds



    End Sub

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