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articles in a magazine database

piligrimpiligrim Member Posts: 14
Does anybody possess a database for articles in a magazine?.I think this kind of database is widely used
and i possibly might use the idea of a more experienced person.
I have to make up a database containing the articles for each issue( or number) of the magazine. So i think i will need at least 2 basic tables :
Issues and Articles. Each issue of the magazine will contain different articles, therefore the table issue must not have an autonumber.But how can i relate it to the table Articles?
The table articles must contain: title,author,issue number,pages,translation,notes,etc.
The table issue must contain : number of the magazine, year of the magazine.
So thse at least are our ideas about the tables.
What is the best way to create the relationships between the databases.And also, is there a ready make example to have a look for better ideas ?


  • llunnllunn Member Posts: 63
    I'm not sure of existing examples, you might be able to find something similiar in the samples on this site, but this is pretty easy to make up yourself.

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head in my opinion. I need to set up something very similiar soon so I'm interested in this.

    Depending on how elaborate you want to make it, you could use one table or two or more.

    If you have pertinent info about the issue such as Date issued, name, year, etc then you should have a table that describes just the issues.

    Example record:

    IssueID - 1 - Autonumber (not needed but easier)
    Year - 2002
    Issue - 9
    Date Issued - Sept. 26
    Revision - 1
    Medium - CDROM

    Otherwise if you only have an Issue Number that will never repeat itself, then the easiest way would be to have one table with the issueid in the table with the article information. In this case, you could not use an autonumber because as you said you can have more than one article in an issue.

    Going with the flow above, using a seperate table for the actual Issue info, your primary key would be a combination of Year and Issue, since it is logical that you are not going to release a magazine with the same Year and Issue number. The Articles table would be something like this maybe...

    Example record:

    IssueID - 1
    artNumber - 1
    artName - "Explanations"
    artCitation - "How things could work, Lee Lunn, 2002"
    artAbstract - "Depending on how elaborate you want to make it, you could use one table or two or more."

    Confused yet? I am =)

  • Shawn CarterShawn Carter Member Posts: 0

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