How to get the Exported/Imported functions names from a DLL


I am making a MFC program that explores the contents of an executable file (.exe or .dll), kind of "Dependency Walker". According to the info I have found about the PE file, the exported funtion names appear in the ".edata" section in the file. When I get the section names for the file, the ".edata" sections does not appears in the list, which makes me guess that this section does not actually exists in the file. So, how can I get the exported function names of the file, provided that the ".edata" does not exist in the .exe or .dll file? Thanks a lot for your help...John


  • I am not familiar with 32-bit ASM. However, I do not there is a Windows system program that will list all export and import function in a DLL.

    *System32DUMPBIN -exports thebinary.dll
    *System32DUMPBIN -imports thebinary.ext

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