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tiknsemajtiknsemaj Member Posts: 1
how do i know whether a ciruclar queue is full or empty


  • DariusDarius Member Posts: 1,666
    : how do i know whether a ciruclar queue is full or empty

    I can only assume that this is homework as the only two other cases I can think of are a) you've written a circular queue implementation, in which case you determine that by however you decided you'd determine that, or b) you've read some article on circular queues, in which case it would DEFINITELY have the answer to that type of question.


    1) Read your textbook.
    2) Ask google.
    3) Repost with some context so this doesn't seem like an questio from a worksheet, as in other contexts this would be a more appropriate post.

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  • Chris BrownChris Brown USAMember Posts: 4,624 ✭✭

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