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mail labels alignment

Hi: I've Been looking for some help on the printer.

Maybe someone could help with my problem of

alignment for printing mailing labels.

I don't have a problem with printing the data,

just the alignment for the labels.

I've written a simple program for contacts using random Access & Seq. Files and I'm having

a problem with printing mailing labels. I have

an option form to select single label,

tractor feed, 2 across, and 3 across sheet feed.

If anyone has a basic procedure for this I would

appreciate the code for VB4.0 or VB6.0

thanks in advance



  • I'm not sure what problem you are having aligning the labels, but Printer.CurrentX and Printer.CurrentY are used to set the coordinates the printer will start printing at next.

  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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