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RemoveHTML - function ?

messy23messy23 Member Posts: 1
First: Sorry for my bad english, I'm german ;)

I'm coding a chatbot for a http-chatsystem. I want to show the messages of the chatters in the console but i have no idea how to realize that.

e.g. i have:

[code]CString toSend;
toSend.Format("GET /LOGIN?name=%s&pwd=%s&id=%s HTTP/1.0
Host: %s


CSocket sck;
printf("Socket created...
printf("Connected to Chatserver...
printf("Login-request has been sent...

and then a while(true){} loop for keeping the bot alive.
the loop looks like this:


Now I want to format toReceive (it's defined as char toReceive[2100];) a bit, because it's HTML-code. So the HTML tags should be cutted out by a RemoveHTML() function. I couldn't find a solution yet, so I hope you may find one ;).

Thx Messy


  • Justin BibJustin Bib USAMember Posts: 0

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