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beardtrixbeardtrix Member Posts: 44
how can i play 3 images in sequence like an animation?


  • zibadianzibadian Member Posts: 6,349
    : how can i play 3 images in sequence like an animation?
    Besides storing the images in the memory, the process is quite simple:
    - display the first image
    - wait a short time
    - remove the first image
    - display the second image
    and so on.
    There are units, which allow you to perform a so called XOR drawing. This will perform an XOR operation on each individual pixel. Perhaps you know that 1 XOR 1 equal 0. This means that if you use an XOR draw of the image you can use the same image to remove it by drawing it a second time. I myself don't have such units for Pascal, but perhaps others have.
    If you can't find (or write) an XOR draw procedure, then you could remove it by filling the field with the background color, although this is generally somewhat slower.
  • pc_martyrpc_martyr Member Posts: 11
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    : how can i play 3 images in sequence like an animation?
    theirs probubly an easier way then this but I simply made
    the cells with text
    | |_| | |
    | | | | |

    then linked them as each one a procedure, added a delay,
    and it works ok.


  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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