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eCommerce Extreme Pro Beta 1.0

Ecommerce Extreme Pro provides a small business eCommerce software solution, at a reasonable price. No programming knowledge required (COTS). Using Ecommerce Extreme Pro, a business administrator can start adding product categories. Categories can be associated in a hierarchy. Next, products are associated with each category. A product stores information like category, title, sku, status (active or not active), Display order, current inventory, reorder point, description, and price. Also, an order manager allows an administrator, to see pending orders and associated order detail listed by customer. When the Administrator marks the order as processed each order detail status is changed to processed, and the corresponding product's current inventory is adjusted. Likewise, a customer can see their orders (change quantity), shipping and billing information, and contents of their shopping bag. All orders are transactionally and reflect all history the customer purchases.


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