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Please Wait Page

I have an ASP page that loops through about 200 times and each loop takes about 1.5 seconds. I wanted to display a page that said, "please wait while...", similar to the one uses when searching for plane tickets. I have a series of DIV's and Java scripts set up, the only problem I have is when I post to this new page it never displays the please wait page while the loops are running. I displays it at the end very briefly then it display the actual data it should. I was wondering if there was something I have to do to get the server to display the page and then continue to post. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Anjuna MoonAnjuna Moon Member Posts: 89
    I think you have misunderstood ASP. All scripts written for ASP are executed on the webserver BEFORE the actual webpage is sent to the user. What you want is a client-side script written in JScript.

  • Andre YoungAndre Young USAMember Posts: 0

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