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Thought I had it figured out, printing graphics again.

I can print a copy of a picture to the printer, but it requires a nested loop to copy each pixel out to the printer object. I know there has to be a better way, could anybody tell me what it would be? It probably won't make much difference, but I am running VB3.


  • The reason I think there's a better way is because this method takes a very long time to loop through the entire picture, especially if the picture is bigger than an inch or so on each side.

  • I don't know if this will help you or not but what

    I do to print a picture is place the picture on

    a seperate form with anything else I need printed

    and use the statement


    it's pretty fast and looks good too. The only thing

    with that is you have to use a seperate form because

    you have to hide the titlebar and also what I do is

    make the background of the form white with just a

    picturebox in it.

    just a suggestion,


  • I will keep that in mind, but I just got away from using a form with no border, and would prefer to not go back.


  • The fastest and easyest way to print a picture (that I found) is using the win32 bitblit API.

  • Do you have the API call(and constants, if there are any)?

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