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String manipulation that includes dbl quotes

What is the best way to do string manipulations when the string has double quotes. Say if I want to change a SQL where clause into a report header:

(("Health Code" = 'Asthma') AND ("Disease Severity"='Severe))...


Health Code = Asthma
Disease Severity = Severe

The problem is that the string functions in both js and asp cannot handle the double quotes. Any ideas???



  • gigsvoogigsvoo Posts: 328Member
    : (("Health Code" = 'Asthma') AND ("Disease Severity"='Severe))...

    First of all, are [b]Health Code[/b] and [b]Disease Severity[/b] fields names?

    Please write your complete SQL statement for easier debugging.

    [size=2]Neo Gigs[/size]

  • elcaro2kelcaro2k Posts: 5Member
    When I get to a point in a Cognos cube, I can do a drill through which sends the query string as part of the URL. I tell Cognos the web page to open but that is the only control I have until it gets to the page. When my page opens I extract the string from the URL by using:


    which gives a string typical of the one below:

    (("Incurred As Of Date" BETWEEN DATE '2001-06-01' AND DATE '2001-06-30') AND ("Health Mgmt Disease Name"='Asthma') AND ("Disease Severity Name"='Mild') AND ("Age Group Name"='5 to 9 years old' AND "Age Group Category Name"='Children') AND ("Gender Code"='MALE') AND ("Region Name" LIKE 'CENTRAL MO OTHER' AND "Region Category Name"='Central MO'))

    I then concat this where clause to a SQL statement and go to Oracle to populate my table on the page. I would just like to break this apart to generate a header for the report. The dbl quotes stop me in my tracks when I try to use replace functions and the like.
  • gigsvoogigsvoo Posts: 328Member
    Try to use single quotes?

    [size=2]Neo Gigs[/size]

  • elcaro2kelcaro2k Posts: 5Member
    Here is the solution that I came up with:

    <%@LANGUAGE = VBScript %>
    <%Option Explicit%>

    Specialized Drill Through Program

    The list of parameters passed in was:

    dim mytest
    dim re
    dim patt
    dim myarray
    dim i
    dim testval

    set re = new regexp = true

    mytest = Request.Form("filter")

    patt = "x22"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")

    patt = "x29"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")

    patt = "x28"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")

    patt = "'"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")

    patt = "DATE"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")

    patt = "AND"
    re.Pattern = patt
    mytest= re.replace(mytest,"")


    myarray = split(mytest,"")
    for i = 0 to 3'(split(mytest,""))


  • elcaro2kelcaro2k Posts: 5Member
    [b][red]This message was edited by elcaro2k at 2002-9-4 4:0:35[/red][/b][hr]
    Yes, remember I am just creating a header for the report (table). I pass the string as I get it from Cognos to Oracle with no changes.

  • Anjuna MoonAnjuna Moon Posts: 89Member
    Why don't you just use ordinary Replace and save some unnecessary code:


    Also, in VBScript when dealing with dbl-quotes you can represent one(1) double-quote as "". In the example above that would be:


  • elcaro2kelcaro2k Posts: 5Member
    even better, Thanks!!!

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